Thursday, June 7, 2012

Factory Tour of Stiles Machinery

This was our last project and luncheon of the season and Christy and Tina (me) were the hosts. We decided that we would have the girls take a tech tour of my business and then have them see how the project for the week was made. Their homework was to draw and create a flower shaped placemat and/or wall hanging. We would then take their drawing and put it in the computer and then have the routers cut them out. 

 We were welcomed to the facility with our names on the monitor as we walked in. How cool was that?
 James Swansen was our tour guide and our go to person for the project. He made sure that our flowers were put into a software program so that they could be entered correctly in the computer and routed for us. We were to each receive 8 different flowers, one from each lovely.
 James talked to us on how Stiles Machinery helps companies with total production solutions from manufacturing, equipment integration, manufacturing consulting, education, service and parts. Nice job James, we thank you very much for the great information on Stiles.
 Here is a Weeke machine which routed Lauries design. Love it!
 It was so much fun to design something and have a machine cut it out on the spot for us. I will post at a later date how the lovelies have painted their flowers. 
 My sweet husband and Sarah listening and watching as we absorb all of this.
 Kodak moment.
The whole gang, (really just part of the gang). We missed you Kim, Jenny and Betsy. Thank you David and James for a great tour, It was so interesting visiting a leader in the woodworking industy. Your a world class company! Thank you Christy for arranging a great spot for us to lunch, Thousand Oaks was delish. Most of all I'd like to thank all of the lovelies for another great year, you girls are wonderful. It's very special that we can all find the time to take out of our busy schedules to learn, create and share with one another. I feel blessed to call you friends!  xoxo Tina Marie

Very Pinteresting

The day was bright and beautiful and we had a very pinteresting afternoon ahead of us. We were taking an idea we found on Pinterest and the project was by Martha Stewart. As always we the group start by having a delicious lunch. This week our lovely host was Betsy and she served the most amazing salads, homemade rolls and fruit. Our dessert was fresh strawberry shortcake, yummy. Bisquick of course!

 Our lovely host and her beautiful daughter Lauren. Thank you Lauren for all your help, you were a wonderful hostess.
 The table setting was inspired by pretty tables Betsy found on Pinterest as well. With the use of repitition of the vases and flowers she created a huge impact on the lovely table. 
 The colors were so bright and vivid with the freshness of spring in the air. She used hues of yellow, gold, white and orange. Perfectly matching our takeaway gift, which were satin jewelry pouches filled with bangle bracelets. Oh so lovely!
 A close-up of our napkin rings, which were bejeweled with glass gemstones. 
 Our super delish strawberry shortcake, oh yummy. 
 So on to our project, which was handpainting glass containers and vases. 
 We used Marthas Stewarts paint which is specifically for painting on glass. 
 Here you can see that I taped off my vase and gave it two coats of the glitter paint. I painted the vase on the outside. Some of the lovelies rolled the paint on the inside of the vases and they came out really cute as well.
 Close-up of the vase I painted.
Voila, it has dried overnight and ready for my spring peonies. Thank you Betsy (and Lauren) for supplying us with another awesome fun project and delicious lunch. Your the best!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cinco de Mayo Luncheon

 The Lovelies meet at Jennys home for a Cinco de Mayo fiesta, a bit spicy and celebratory was the order of the day. Pictured here are Sarah and Laurie enjoying mingle time before lunch.  
 The focal of the table was an amazing succulent design in white pottery and complimented with a vintage inspired wooden tray.
 Bright vibrant colors are evident with the napkins and the texture is clearly stated with the green placemats. Jennys table was a huge element in this tablescape as well, because it's hammered metal which is stunning and very appropriate with latin design. 
 A closeup of the succulent focal, which was so beautiful and complimented with a lace tablecloth. 
 Our lunch was delicious with fried corn tortilla chips, homemade rice, pico, soft shell tacos and all the condiments for them, not to mention margaritas.  Jenny did an amazing job with all the homemade delectables. 
 Our fried chips which were such a treat!
 Homemade Pico
 The condiments
To top off this ever so memorable Cinco de Mayo celebration was the best ever Creme Brulee.
I have travelled all over the world and have tasted many Brulees and I am here to say that this is one of the best. I will post the dessert recipe soon, for all to enjoy.

 Jenny gave each lovely a take home gift of spices. The little baskets were so fitting with her theme, don't you think?
 Closeup of the different spice baskets. I think these would be a great little take away gift for any party!
Her straws for the margaritas were filled with color as well. 

After our lunch we were continuing our work with the chairs from Sheryls home. 
 I sprayed my whole chair red, so I could silver leaf the front side. 
After the chair dried I taped off the sides so I could prep the front and start leafing.

Here is a close up of the front of my chair.
The chair completed.
 Betsy used vinyl decals to embellish her chair, oh so elegant.
The back side of her chair.
 Kimmie decided to cover her chair with sequin fabric, I think this is so clever because it can be switched out using contemporary fabrics as well. 

Jenny took her inspiration from Lanvin, and here she is playing and embellishing with layers and layers of different materials. Love it and can't wait to see the finished project. 
Some materials she is using in her embellishing.

We want to thank Jenny for having such a LOVLEY lunch, and great margaritas. Hope you girls like PBJ's, that's what I'm making next. I can't follow that. Kidding aside, we certainly look forward to each and every tuesday with our dear friends.

Just don't give up trying to do what you really want to do. Where there is love and inspiration, I don't think you can go wrong.
Ella Fitzgerald

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Luncheon Asian Style

 This week our lunch was a style of Contemporary Asian influence filled with bright bold colors.
On the sleek Carerra marble table was a birdcage candle holder as the focal. Sheryl had a drawing in which the candleholder was given away as a gift. Perfect gift for any place in your home.
 Here you will see a close up of the amazing table setting. She built layers of texture by using a lazer cut placemat for the china. She then added pop of color with the salad plates along with gifts wrapped in bright pinks, blues and greens. The ribbon on each gift by the plates were a tiny colorful chevon design, cute touch. Our delicious lunch consisted of a salad with a fusion of citrus and an asian base vinaigrette dressing. The water was tinged with a rosy color from sweet cherries, and the dessert was an elegant oversized strawberry dipped in chocolate. When selecting a lunch for a group it's always a good idea to make sure the flavors all work together, which is exactly what our hostess did so eloquently.
 Another view of the bright table.
Our great hostess Sheryl with a close up of the birdcage candleholder.
 For added adornment our hostess added these oh so cute glass geisha girls with real orchids on the table, one for each guest. The take out containers were filled with fortune cookies.
 We also received a wrapped boxed of japanese candies with chop sticks.
 Our delicious dessert!
Sometimes when thinking about desserts, I think it's ok to keep it simple. All we really need is a taste of something sweet and we're good.                            
Our hostess had a sunny beautiful day to work with as well, for our project after lunch was to spray paint modern chairs. Our group is so creative and inspirational we are never at a loss of creativity for projects. 
Here is a picture of the chair that we are embellishing. They were primed and ready for each lovely to decorate. 
These were also the boxes that our little glass geisha girls came in. I will post later the chairs as the lovelies complete them in the weeks to come. A big thank you to Ms. Sheryl for a fantastic fun filled day, you are an amazing hostess. I thought of Audrey Hepburn after I wrote this. Heres to you and the rest of us Lovelies!

For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.

Here is our primed chair with out the legs. Wow it's like looking at a blank canvas.
Betsy added decals that can be found at your local craft store. Oh so clever and interchangeable.
Kimmie looking at her chair. Oh the decisions decisions.
 Just about done.

 Jenny's inspiration comes from Lanvin
 and Louboutin!

 I decided to do an underpainting of red and cover the front of the chair with sterling silver leafing. I am very happy with the result.